"In the l890s the town (of Iberia) had a well drilled in the middle of Main at Lombar Avenue, where farmers could water their saddle horses and teams, and for general public use. The old common drinking cup, used by chewers, smokers or not, alike, hung on the pump many years, doctors not questioning if it was sanitary."

After golden sunsets, evening work done, nearby farm families and townsfolk gathered around band stand over the well to hear the town band which was directed by H. M. Garner (Hugh M.Garner). They played patriotic and folklore tunes. It was thrilling to all, especially the youngsters.......Many of us were grieved to know the stand was torn away, the pump taken out, the well filled with rubbish and the band boys played there no more."

From: History of Iberia, Miller County, Missouri, by: Wm. Freeman Jones c/1959

Iberia had an orchestra in 1922. (I think this was the Academy's orchestra but they probably played at the band stand if it still existed in 1922). In the 1890s, Hugh M. Garner had a photo gallery and wax record-making shop on St. Louis St. while directing the Iberia Academy orchestra...........

"Iberia had a bandstand at one time. In the 1890s there was an old well located in the middle of Lombar and Main Streets (today's Highway 42) and a small bandstand was constructed over the old well. The folks of the town were entertained by a local band directed by Hugh M.Garner and the band played the old country folk tunes as well as the patriotic songs of their day to the delight of the young and old alike."

Unfortunately I have not been able to locate a picture of the old bandstand nor the old well. Evidently the well was drilled in the 1890s and the bandstand built over it shortly thereafter. How long it was in existence is unknown. Most of the older generation, who could have remembered the days when the bandstand was located in the middle of Iberia, are long gone and their memories passed on with them.

William Freeman Jones (1883-1975) was of that important generation and did record the existence of the old well and bandstand in the 1950s. He did not indicate if anyone owned an old photo of the bandstand when he wrote his booklet about Iberia's history.

From: Iberia Academy & The Town, Its History by Peggy Smith Hake

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