Churches of Miller County

Reprinted from the 1975 Bicentennial edition of the Miller County Autogram

Rev. J.R. Hibdon came to Eldon in 1937 and began a tent revival on Grand Avenue. This was the beginning of the Assembly of God Church, with 19 charter members on February 7, 1938, when the church was organized. For a time services were held in the home of the Pastor while the church house was being built.

The first minister was Rev. Hibdon. Other early ministers of the church were Rev. H.F. Foley, Rev. Franklin Murray, Rev. Lee Roy Rogers, and Rev. James Dunn.

It took several steps for the Assembly of God to reach its present stage as the First Assembly of God of Eldon. It started as a tent revival. Then it moved to what is fondly referred to as the Old Rock Church. The Assembly of God came to the corner of Newton and Maple streets in 1950.

Some of the charter members were Lucy Woods, Maude and Logan Allen, Ruth and Ray Allen, Glen Wittenburg, his mother and his brother LeRoy, Jess Brown, Herb and Martha Cooper, Nerva Simon and Ed Boan.

During the ministry of Rev. Dunn the church grew and the new Assembly of God Church was built on Maple Street in 1950 and 1951. The first services were held in the new church on Easter Sunday, March 25, 1951.

Bro. W. Nelson Sachs bought the house next to the church building which is now the parsonage. He sold his home and also his organ to the church upon his departure.

Raymond Allen remembers three or four revivals per year, the longest one lasting six weeks. There were frequent fellowship dinners. The congregation was together frequently. Most of this story has been related by Raymond and Nelda Allen and Edith Carrender.

Reprinted from the 1975 Bicentennial edition of the Miller County Autogram

On November 16, 1923, three men, George Hicks, James M. Hicks and Jerry M. Hancock bought a piece of ground to build a church from Lillian M. Farnham and D.P. Farnham. They had services in homes for awhile, with no steady preacher. Different ministers would come by and hold services.

In 1927 the Rev. C.C. Helvey organized a Sunday school and they had services in an old building that stood on the land they had purchased. The first church was built in 1928 under the direction of Rev. Helvey. This building had a great number of people and preachers pass through its doors. Among the pastors were Reverends Helvey, Fred Massey, Minzo Sooter, Nelson Sachs, Ivi Hibdon, Glen Gilder, C.C. Shull, T.T. Roark, R.G. Batson, R.E. Middleton, Wilford David and Clyde Stage.

On July 2, 1966 with Rev. Middleton as pastor and Raymond Catron, Clarence Irwin and James Moss as deacons, a parcel of land was bought from Dorsey Willis for the purpose of building a new church. In 1974 the new building was started under the direction of Rev. Clyde Stage. The first services were held on Easter Sunday 1975 with an open house. On Easter Sunday 1976, dedication services were held with Rev. Bill McGarity as pastor. Deacons at the present time are Irwin McDonald, Raymond Catron and James Moss with Harry Patterson as secretary treasurer (he has held this position 33 years).

John Jarrett, Tuscumbia, is the only member of the assembly who has been with the church since its beginning, 50 years ago.

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