By Peggy Smith Hake

(HISTORICAL).....The first movement toward the organization of Union soldiers in this State for any purpose occurred in the city of St. Louis in July 1865, under the title of "Volunteer Mutual Aid Society", the principal object being to secure employment for honorably discharged Union soldiers and sailors. Up to April 1867, this organization had secured positions for 1,803 veterans.......In 1866 there were a number of Posts organized in the State in what was known as the Old Organizations......In May 1868, the first regular Encampment was that time there were 100 G.A.R Posts in the State.

There were several G.A.R. Posts in Miller County----at Iberia, Eldon, Brumley, and Tuscumbia. The only one listed in the 1895 GAR booklet was at Eldon. The following is the list of members during that year:

"Samuel McClure G.A. R. Post #145, Eldon, MO....Meets lst and 3d Saturdays, at 10 a.m.
Commander: Isaac N. Boyce         Adjutant: John Vetter

 G. J. Harvey		Co. B 33rd Mo. Inf.
 William Posten		Co. B 42nd MO Inf
 Jesse Ashton		Co. F 43rd MO Inf.
 Jacob B. Cotton	Co. A 47th MO Inf.
 James Raines		Co. B 48th MO Inf.
 T. W. Cotton		Co. B 48th MO Inf.
 Joseph Crisp		Co. F 9th MO Mtd. Inf.
 W. B. Jones		Co. D 5th MO Cav.
 John H. Hess		Co. E 5th MO Cav.
 M. Hoover              Co. E 7th MO Cav.
 James Garrett		Co. C 13th MO Cav.
 T. G. McClure		Co. G  4th MSM Cav.
 T. W. Shelton		Co. D 5th MSM Cav.
 Lemuel G. Miller	Co. D 5th MSM Cav
 R. B. Snyder		Co. D 6th MSM Cav.
 Leroy Busick		Co. B 8th MSM Cav.
 Daniel Duncan		Co. F 9th EMM
 D. H. Allen		Co. C 42nd EMM
 John C. Vanpool	Co. E 42nd EMM
 G. W. Kingery		Co. D 48th EMM
 G. W. Holder		Co. I 1st MO H.G.
 H. A. Snyder		Co. B 12th ILL. Inf.
 Darius Pierce		Co. C 143rd ILL Inf.
 Edward Saunders	Co. G 150th ILL Inf.
 J. W. Temple		Co. F 154th ILL Inf.
 John C. Morrison	Co. H 2nd Ohio Inf.
 Jefferson Schlott	Co. D 25th Ohio Inf.
 Peter N. Schlott	Co. K  76th Ohio Inf.
 H. H. Stockman         Co. I 97th Ohio Inf.
 J. J. Whippo		Co. B 171st Ohio Inf.
 Richard Boyce		Co. C 193rd Penn. Cav.
 I. N. Boyce		Co. K 1st Penn. Cav.
 W. B. Finney		Co. B 9th Tenn. Cav.
 J. A. Stevens		Co. I  30th Iowa Inf.
 F. M. Graham		Co. C 144th NY Inf.
 John Vetter	        Chaplin, 5th USC Cav.
 Jacob Ray              Co. A 22nd Ind. Inf.
 J. B. Ritter		Co. H 205th Penn Inf.
 G R. Weeks             Co. D 5th Vt. Inf.
 Joseph R. Lawson	Co. I 1st KY Cav.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the G.A. R. were called "The Woman's Relief Corps" and they organized in 1885. In the 1895 booklet there was a listing of the auxiliaries across the state. Among the ones listed were those in Eldon, Iberia, and Brumley. The following is the brief information given on Miller County's 3 auxiliaries.

Samuel McClure Post    Eldon       Almira F. Weeks      Nannie Temple        1st Sat. @ Grahams Hall

Miles Carroll Post     Iberia      Susanna Deardueff    Georgia W. Tallman   1st & 3rd Sat. @GAR Hall

William Hawkins Post   Brumley     Cynthia F. Spearman  Alice Thompson       3rd Sat. @ GAR Hall

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