by Peggy Smith Hake

Adams, Isaac			Co. D,  68th Reg., Colored Infantry (lived in Callaway
                        	County but his discharge papers are in the Miller Co.
                        	courthouse records.)
Ahart, Wm. R.			Co. I, 4th Reg. MO State Militia
Albertson, Levi W.		Co. H, Osage Reg. MO Home Guards
Armistead, Thos. J.		Co. B 42nd MO Inf
Arnold, George W.		Co. D 1st Arkansas Inf
Atwell, Richard J.		Co. H, 32nd Mo Inf.
Aust, James G.			Co. K of 9th Arkansas Cav.-died in Memphis
Aust, John H.			Co. H 5th MO Cav
Aust, William			Co. H 1st MO Artillery
Babcoke, Thomas J.		Major in Cole Co. Home Guards
Bailey, Julius C. Jr.		42nd Reg. Enrolled MO Militia
Barlow, John S.			Co. D, 1st Arkansas Inf.
Bear, Absolem			Mo. State Militia Volunteers
Bear, Andrew			Co. I, 4th MO. Cavalry
Bear, John			Mo. State Militia, MO Home Guards
Beard, Francis M.		Co. K, 48th Reg. MO. Cav.
Beard, James R.			Co. A, 6th Reg., MO Cav.
Berry, William H.		Troop E., 8th Ohio Cavalry
Bilyeu, Fielding		(dischg. records at MC courthouse)
Bilyeu, Wm. W.			(dischg. records at MC courthouse)
Birdsong, John			Co. C, MO State Militia
Birdsong, Wm.			Served in Capt. Sayles Brown Company
Blize, J. C.			Co. H., 6th MO Cav.
Blize, Prior L.			Co. E 48th MO Inf
Bond, John R.			Co. H 5th MO Cav
Boren, James C.			Co. E., Osage Reg., MO Home Guards
Boyce, Isaac Newton		Co., K, 1st Penn.Inf.
Boyce, Richard D.		Co. G. 193rd Penn. Inf.
Boyd, Greenville		Co. K, 12th MO Regiment
Bradshaw, Wm.			Co. G., Osage Rgt. MO Home Guards
Brock, Peter			Co. C., 3rd MO Cav.
Brown, John D.			Co. F, MO Volunteers
Brown, John G.			Union Army-no regiment given
Brown, Sayles			Capt, E.M.M. 42nd and 47th Mo. Reg.
Busick, John			Co. B, 8th MO State Militia Cav.
Busick, LeRoy			Co. B, 8th MO State Militia Cav.
Buster, John M.			Co. B, 6th MO Cav.
Capps, Benjamin L.		Co. M., 39th MO Cav.
Capps, Jacob			Co. H, Hickory Battalion., Osage Valley Reg.
Capps, Silas			Co. H., Hickory Battalion, MO Home Guards
Carlton, J. D.			Co. A, 8th MO Cav.
Carroll, Henry W.		Co. H , 6th MO Cav.
Carroll, John M.		Co., K, 12th MO Cav.
Carroll, Miles			(not a soldier, but was killed as a patriot)
Casey, Simeon			Co. F, 60th Illinois Inf.
Casey, Zadoc			Co. A, 110th Illinois Inf.
Castleman, Abraham		Capt. in a Confederate Co. aka 'Secesh State Guard Co.'
Clark, James Prior		Co. C, 12 MO Cav.
Cochran, Joshua D.		Co. C, Osage Home Guards
Colvin, James H.		Co. B, 33rd Reg. MO Inf.
Condra, Andrew			Co., B, MO State Militia Cav.
Condrey, W. R.			Co. B, Osage Reg. MO Home Guards
Cooper, John W.			Co. E., Reg MO Inf.
Crane, Wm. Lafayette Sr.	Co. H Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Crane, Wm. L., Jr		Co. H Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Crane, George W.		Co. H Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Crismon, Wm. W.			Co. E, 9th Prov. Enrolled MO Militia
Crisp, Stephen S.		Provisional Co., MO Militia (killed)
Dake, George W.			Co. A., 48th MO Inf.
Davenport, A.			Co. C., 122nd Illinois Inf.
Dial, Calvin			Co H., Osage Rgt. Home Guards
Dial, Wm. Lewis			Co. H. 6th Reg. Cav Vols.
                        	Co. D, 42nd Reg. Enrolled MO Militia
Dickerson, John Erb		Co. E, 48th MO Inf
Devore, John W.			Co. H, 6th MO Cav
Dose, Henry W.			Co. I, 4th Reg, MO Inf.
Duncan, Greenberry		Co. M., 3rd MO Cav
Dyer, Elijah M.			(dischg. records at MC courthouse)
Edwards, George S.		Co. D, 14th MO Home Guards
Ferguson, John (Squire)		Co. M., 3rd MO Cav. Volunteers
Fike, Benjamin F.		Co. C 144th Illinois Inf
Finey, Wiley B.			Co. B, 9th Tennessee Inf.
Forbes, Louis G.		Co. L., 1st MO Light Artillery
Forrester, James		Co. B.,  48th MO Inf.
Franklin, W. T.			Co. B., 48th MO Inf.
Franks, Milton			Co. F., 103rd Ohio Inf.
Freeman, Andrew J.		Co. E., 33rd Reg, MO Inf
Fulkerson, Abram		Mo Home Guards
Gardner, Henry P. Jr		Prov. Enrolled MO Militia with Long's Division
Gardner, Jacob			Served in Capt. Salsman's Union Army
Gardner, Wm. Wiley		Co. E, 5th MO Inf. (Confederate)
Gaston, William			Co. B, 6th MO Cav
Gibson, William			Prov. Co. of MO State Militia
Gilleland, John T.		Mo. State Militia
Goforth, David I.		Co. H, 1st MO Cav
Golden, Emly			McClurg's OsageRegiment
Graham, Henry C.		Pvt. in Capt. J. B. Salsman's Co. MO Militia
Hackney, Wesley A.		Mo. Home Guards, Co. K, 6th MO Cav
Hagan, Hugh D.			Co. G., 81st MO State Militia Cav
Hammack, Elijah A.		Co., I, 98th Indiana Inf.
Haney, Benjamin			Co. E., 4th MO Inf
Hauenstein, Wm.  H.		2nd MO Artillery
Hawk, Robert			Co., D., 26th MO Inf
Hawken, John			Co. G., 8th MO Reg.
Hawkins, James M.		Co. C, 6th MO Cav & Co. G., 45th MO Inf
Hawkins, William		Co. C., 6th MO Cav
Hendricks, Hezekiah		Co. D., 49th Penn. Inf
Hensley, Benjamin F.		Co. I, 5th MO Cav
Hicks, James K.P.		Co. E., 48th MO Inf
Hicks, Nathaniel		Prov. Co. of MO State Militia (killed)
Hickman, John			Co.  H., 40th Indiana Inf.
Hill, Wm. T.			Co. K, Osage Reg. MO Home Guards
Higgins, Richard		Co. B., 5th New York Inf
Hix, John H.			Co. D., Osage Reg, MO Home Guards
Honaker, Samuel L.		Co. F., 10th Kentucky Cav
Horton, Wm. Isaac		Co. H., 6th Reg MO Cav.
Huddleston, George		MO Home Guards
Humphrey, James H.		Co. H., MO Home Guards
Hunsaker, S. M.			Co. D., 5th MO State Militia
Irwin, George			Co. H., 6th Reg. MO Cav
Jenkins, Fred K.		Co. L., 34th Iowa Inf.
Jenkins, Harrison H.		Co. A., 6th MO State Militia
Johnston, H. J.			Co. H, 14th MO Cav
Johnston, James			Co. A., 15th MO Cav (Confederate)
Jones, Adolphus			Co. E., 32nd Illinois Inf
Jones, Manessah			Co. C., 98th Illinois Inf
Jones, John F. M.		enlisted in the MO Volunteers (Union)
Joslyn, Rollin O.		Co. I, 15th Vermont Inf.
Kallenbach, John		Co. G, 10th MO Cav.
Karr, Wm. F.			Co. H, 9th Provisional, Enrolled MO Militia
Keeth, Daniel			Co. H., 6th MO Cav
Keeth, Francis M.		Co. K, 47th Enrolled MO Militia
Keeth, John R.			Co. H, 6th MO Cav
Keeth, Solomon			Co. H, 6th MO Cav
Kinworthy, Daniel		Co. D, 26th MO Inf
Knatser, Calvin			Co. E, Osage Reg, MO Home Guards
Lawbraugh, Charles F.		Co. E., 51st Ohio Inf.
Lawson, Benjamin F.		Co. B., 48th MO Volunteers
Lawson, Wm. D.			Co. G., 8th MO Cavalry (killed in war)
Lawson, W. M.			Co. D., 26th MO Inf
Livingston, John T.		Co. E, 48th MO Inf
Livingston, Richard		Co. E., 48th MO Inf
Lindsey, David			Co. E., 5th MO State Militia Cav
Lombar, Frank E.		Co. E., 33rd MO Inf
Long, Abner			Co. B., 33rd Kentucky Inf
Long, James C.			Co. G., Enrolled MO Militia
Long, Nicholas			Co. E., Osage Rgt., MO Home Guards
Long, Pharoah			Provisional Co., MO Militia (killed in war)
Long, William			Co. G., Enrolled MO Militia (Captain)-killed by 
                        	bushwackers during the Civil War (near Iberia) in 1864
Long, William			Co. E, 52nd Kentucky Inf
Loveall, Silas			Co. E., 33rd MO Vol. Inf.
Lowry, B. J.			Co. M., 16th MO Cav
Lupardus, Peter B.		Co. G., 78th Ohio Inf.
Luttrell, Bluford		Co. D., Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Luttrell, Henry J.		Co. K., Osage/Gasconade Batt., Home Guards
Luttrell, Silas			Co. E., MO Home Guards (Condederate)
Madden, William			42nd Enrolled MO Militia (Captain)
Marchant, Thoms J.		Co. D 1st Arkansas Inf
Martin, Charles D.		Co. E MO Home Guards & Co. C, 6th MO Cav
Martin, Wm. C.			Co. E., 11th MO Cav.
May, Alford			Co. E., 33rd MO Inf
Mayfield, Abraham M.		Co. D., 6th MO Cav
McComb, John C.			Co. D, 29th MO Inf
McConnell, Martin		Co. I, 12th MO Cav
McClure, Samuel			Prov. Company MO Militia
McClure, Thomas G.		Co., I, 4th MO Cav
Meredith, Daniel M.		Co. H, 9th Prov. Enrolled MO Militia
Messersmith, Hiram		47th Reg, Enrolled MO Militia-12th Mo Cav.
Miller, Boyd S.			Prov. Company under Capt. Babcock
Moore, Dr. Andrew J.		Surgeon in Gen. Lowe's Division of the Confederate Army-
                        	He later lived and practiced medicine at Iberia.
Myers, Charles P.		Co. D., 26th MO Inf
Myers, James R.			Co. D., 26th MO Inf
Nixdorf, Anton P.		Surgeon in Home Guards/MO Rangers
Orender, Jacob			Co. C, 3rd MO Stare Militia Cav
Patton, Albert			Co. B, 72nd Indiana Volunteers
Payne,	George W.		Co.  K, OsageReg. MO Home Guards
Payne, Samuel S.		Co. K, Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Pemberton, James		Co. G., Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Phillips, Clayton		Co. E., 6th MO Cav
Phillips, Joseph S              33rd Reg't Inf. Vols & Home Guards Osage
Pitchford, Alpheus		Mo Enrolled Militia
Pitchford, John James		Parson's Brigade,  (Confederate)
Plemmons, A. H.			Co. D., Osage Reg, MO Home Guards
Rauschelbach, R.		Co.  H, 48th MO Inf
Roark, Archibald		Co. H., Osage Reg, MO Home Guards
Roark, Marion			Co. B,  48th Reg MO Infantry (Confederate)?
Roark, Yancy			Provisional Co. MO Militia (killed in war)
Robertson, George R.		Co. A, 48th MO Inf
Robinett, Isaac			(dischg. records at MC courthouse)
Robinett, R. H .		Co. M, 3rd MO Cav
Robinson, GeorgeW.		Co. F., 33rd MO Volunteers
Robinson, Theodore B.		Co. H , 6th MO Cav
Rowden, Isaac Darneal		Co. K, 12th MO Cav
Rowden, Jacob S.		Co. K, 12th Reg MO Cav
Savage, John F.			MO Enrolled Militia
Schott, Peter N.		Co. K, 76th Ohio Inf
Schuberth, John			Co. K, 12th MO Cav
Sconce, A. G.			Co. B, 13th MO Cav
Sconce, F. M.			Co. B., 13th MO Cav
Scott, John			Co. M, 10th MO Cav
Scott, T. J.			Co. G, 10th MO Cav
Setser, John A.			Co. K, 12th MO Cav
Shackleford, Allen		Co. H, 5th MO Cav
Shackleford, Murrell		Bugler in Long's Provisional Enrolled MO Militia
Shelton, Sterling		Co. H, 6th MO Cav
Shelton, Thomas 		Co. E,  Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Shelton, Thomas W.		Co. D, MO State Militia Cav
Short, Evan L.			Co. H, Osage MO Home Guards
Short, Wm. R.			Co. E, 48th MO Inf
Simmons, James C.		Co. G, 45th MO Inf
Shipman, Daniel			Co. D, 29th MO Volunteers Inf
Slavens, H. D.			Co. I, 6th MO Cav
Sloan, Isaac Alex.		Enrolled MO Militia
Sloan, Wm. W.			Co. R, 12th Enrolled MO Militia
Smith, James Monroe		Co. K, 47th Reg Enrolled MO Militia
Smith, John			Co. A, 11th Reg MO Cav
Smith, John Wesley Jr.		Co.A, 11th Reg MO Cav
Smith, William Harrison		Co. H., 5th Reg MO Cav
Snelling, Redmond		Co, H, 5th MO Cav
Spearman, J. W.			Co. E, Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Spearman, Zebedee		Co. E., Osage Co MO Home Guards
Starling, John P.		Provisional Co. MO Militia
Stephen, Jacob			12th Indiana Battalion
Stockman, W.H.H.		Co. I, 97th  O.U.I. ( I do not know what these letters were)
Stoddard, Major			Mo. State Militia (garrison duty)
Stone, James Anderson		Co. A, Pindall's Battalion of Sharp Shooters (Conf)-died 
                        	Polk's Plantation near Helena, AR in 1863
Stone, Julius			Co. D, 42nd MO Inf
Stone, John B.			Co. H, 5th MO State Militia Cav
Stover, J. H.			Co. B, 10th Penn Inf & 106th Penn Inf
Swalem, Elias			Co. A, 11th Ohio Inf
Tallman, J. W.			Co. E, 48th MO Vol  Inf
Tallman, Jeremiah C.		Co.  H, 14th MO Cav
Tallman, Robert			Co E, 48th MO Inf
Taylor, William			Co. F, Enrolled MO Militia
Teaverbaugh, Wm. 		Jasper	Co. D, 6th MO Cav
Tellman, Herman S.		MO Home Guards-2nd Lt.
Temple, James			Co. F, 154th Illinois Inf
Thomas, Cornelius W.		Co. F, 13th Reg MO Inf Vols.
Thomas, John			Co. M, 3rd MO Cav (died in war 1864)
Thomas, Peter L.		Co. H, Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Thomas, W. R.			Co. M., 3rd MO Cav
Thompson, James D.		Co. B, 48th MO Inf
Thompson, Rev. John D.		no military info found (was a veteran)
Tremain, Dr. George W.		Co. E, 45th Reg Iowa Inf
Ulmon, Andrew S.		Co. D, Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Umstead, Samuel			(dischg. records at MC courthouse)
Vaughan, Alvin Kemp		Co. A, ___Reg, CSA (Confederate)
Wallis, John K.			43rd MO Militia 13th MO Reg
Watkins, Wm. Shelton		Conf. soldier under Capt. Wm. Rankin Wright-d. in war
Watson, Joab			Confederate MO State Guard--died at Wilson's Creek 
Weeks, George R.		Co. D, 6th Vermont Inf
Weitz, John				Co. B, 6th MO Cav
White, Elisha			Co. C, Osage Reg MO Home Guards
Whittle, John Levi		Co. E, Osage Reg MO Home Guards & 47th En.MO.Militia
                                                  (killed 1862 at Elsey Farm Fight in Miller Co.)
Whittle, Peter J.		Co. D., Enrolled MO Militia
Wickham, Halsey			Co. B, 12th Reg Kansas Inf
Wickham, Nelson R.		Co. G, 16th Kansas Cav
Williams, Bluford Barton	Confederate-killed Battle of Baker's Creek aka Battle of
                            	Champion Hill
Williams, John Riley		Co. G, 45th Reg Inf Vols.  d. Benton Barracks, MO 1865
Williams, Wade Alexander	Confederate-died Franklin, TN 1864
Williams, William		Co.  H, 3rd MO Cav
Witt, Jesse Marion		Co. D, MO Home Guards
Wood, Napoleon B.		Co. D, 42nd Enrolled MO Militia
Wornell, James Mastin		Co. G, 45th Mo Vol. & Co. D, 48th Mo Inf MO Home Guards
Wornell, Notley Gore		Co. H, 9th Prov. Reg. Enrolled MO Militia
Wright, William Rankin		Capt. in Confederate Army
Wyrick, Henry Callaway		Co. A, 13th Reg MO Cav
Wyrick, Christopher C.		Co. A, Iowa Regt. (killed at Wilson's Creek and buried
                            	at National Cemetery, Springfield, MO)

The following names were Union soldiers listed on the rolls of the Brumley G.A.R. circa 1920...............

Kauble, George	    d. 1907            Wright, Wm. P.         d. on his farm near Brumley
Phillips, Lazarus                      Sutleff, H. J.         d. 1904
Thornsberry, John                      Dial, W. L.            d. 1913
Thornsberry W. T.   d. 1902            Winfrey, W. C.         d. 1902
Wilson, A. J.       d. Oklahoma        White, Isha            d. 1902
Kuykendall, Jacob   d. 1905            Popplewell, Soverign   d. 1895
Barnett, J. P.      dropped            Lett, Emanuel          moved to Okla. (a black man)
                    from rolls 1899
Lively, Willis      dropped from       Ward, A. D.            'still with us' 1920
                    rolls 1899
Evans, David H.     d. 1909            Meredith, Mathias      d. 1906
Graham, Samuel      d. 1911            Sullivan, T. F.        d. while postmaster at Ulman
Schooley, Obediah   d. 1909            George, Joseph F.      dropped from rolls 1899
McNew, Wm.          dropped from       McDowell, Wm.          d. 1899
                    rolls 1899
Arnold, Henry       dropped from       George, Jordan         dropped from rolls 1899
                    rolls 1899
Cooper, James M.    'still with us'    Devore, P. M.          lived at Crocker 1920
Jeffries, Sanford   dropped from       Meredith, Benjamin     d. 1912
                    rolls 1899
Pemberton, Alex.    moved 1899         Pemberton, Jas. Lewis  'still with us'
Turpin, Jesse F.    dropped from       Wilson, Spencer        dropped from rolls 1899
                    rolls 1899
Neal, W. B.         died               Varner, Edward         died in  Oklahoma
Devore, John W.     nearly blind       Brown, J. G.           'a widower, but looking'
Blankenship, Sidney d. 1914            Pennington, Samuel     d. 1914
Houser, W. R.       d. 1916

There are other men of Miller County who served in the Civil War, for both the Union and Confederacy, but I do not have the complete list. Over the years these old soldiers were found in cemeteries, courthouse records, G.A.R. lists, and other sources. Peggy Smith Hake

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