Barber Shop at Olean, circa 1897

Dr. G.D. Walker is in the chair on the left. Jim Hite, owner of the drug store is in the chair on the right.
Regular patrons had their own personal shaving mugs that were left at the barber shop.

Rush family BarbersóWilliam Edgar, Louis Shelby and Oscar Cowden Rush with their father, Oscar Stout Rush.

We have been unable to identify the location of these next two barber shops or the people pictured in them. If you have a clue, please let us know.

 Unidentified Barbershop
The Navy recruitment poster on the wall might date this photo circa 1918-World War II.
The wall above the door at the back of the room reads, "No Loitering Here on Saturdays - Please Don't Spit on the Floor"
The patron in the chair is wearing high-top, pointed-toe shoes that lace up the front.

 Unidentified Barbershop
The man in this chair is wearing high-button shoes with rounded toes.

Though these are obviously two different shops, the barber in both photos looks very similar.

 Unidentified Barbershop
We have reason to believe this barber shop was in Eldon, but have no further identification on the people pictured here.

If you recognize the people or the barber shops in any of the four photographs, please let us know.

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