By Peggy Smith Hake

Adelaide was a Miller County Post Office established in 1880. It was located in Franklin Township on the Osage River approximately 12 miles west of Tuscumbia and was the same distance south of Aurora Springs, its shipping point.

The small hamlet had a steam saw and grist mill where railroad ties were manufactured and shipped downriver. The price of the land surrounding the small settlement ranged from $5.00 to $15.00 per acre surrounding the settlement.

The population of 75 persons and the post office received mail three times weekly. Samuel Umstead owned a grocery store and was the local postmaster. A Mr. Saunders was the town's blacksmith; J.C. Bell was Justice of the Peace, and the grist/saw mill was owned by Adams & Marshall.

In October of 1858, many parcels of prime land were presented for sale with taxes due against the property for the year of 1857. The following is a partial list of names of the owners of these lands, the acreage available and the amount of taxes that were delinquent:

                                               State Tax         County Tax
J. H. Field             40 acres                 34                  17
N. Brouse               74 acres                 34                  17
Doctor Smith            80 acres                 36                  17
E. H. Spear             80 acres                 45                  33
Maurice Phelan          40 acres                 34                  17
Wm. Northrup            36 acres                 40                  25
Isaac Tinsley           80 acres                 45                  33
H. Sweeney              80 acres                 50                  41
John Estes              40 acres                 40                  25
R. Watts                80 acres                 34                  17
Clifton Landly          Lots 1 & 4               34                  17
                        In Mt. Pleasant
Wm. Sebastian           Lot 10, Blk. 4           34                  17
                        In Tuscumbia

The town disappeared after the turn of the century.

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