By Kelly Warman-Stallings
The Ghost Towns of Central Missouri

Locust Mound, named for a grove of locust trees nearby, was a small settlement situated in the northern part of Miller County. It was about one and a half miles southeast of Spring Garden and located in Saline Township. Locust Mound was one of the first settlements established in the county.

Soon after the hamlet sprang up in the 1860's, a store was built with a post office in existence from 1867-1882. Later, a hotel was erected for travelers who came through the area and a blacksmith shop was begun also. It has been said that the lady who operated the wayside inn/hotel was named Mrs. Rawson/Rosson. For many years an old two-story house with a rock chimney, sat on the site.

When Spring Garden was organized around a seminary built there in 1868, that town began to prosper. By 1882, Locust Mound had begun to decline so the post office there was moved to Spring Garden, a short distance to the northwest.

The author had no idea if a shool or church was located close by. Of course it is very possible these early pioneers educated their youngsters in their homes in the evenings by candlelight or firelight after the daily chores had been performed.

Today, all that remains of Locust Mound are handed-down memories. The grove of locust trees which gave the community its name, have probably been cleared to make room for the rolling pasture lands of today.

Ancestral Names of the Area: Belshe, bond, Davidson, Dooley, Henley, Hinds, Simpson, Spalding, Stephens, Sullens, Thompson, McMillian, Hale, Baker, Becker, Crisp, Norfleet, Shearer, Hill, Slaughter, Berry, Lasswell, Richardson, Robertson, Kingery, Loveall, McKinney

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