Other Communities

 Unknown Community - Please Help Identify
Does this community look familiar to you? We know it is in Miller County but are uncertain where.
If you can give us a clue we would appreciate it.

Community Identified - This picture has got to be Iberia. I own the house @ 206 E. Main (The old George Adams house) and I do believe it is in the picture. My house is a 2 story house with 2 roofs on the backside. The house across the street looks like the Irwin/Perkins 2 story house. I believe this picture is taken on the hill (belonging today to the Perkins farm) south of Iberia and looking north. The street farthest to the right of the picture is Main St. and the next one nearer is Pearl Street. The old Baptist Church is on the right at the top of the hill and the Congressional Church on Lombar (hwy 42) is on the left.   -  Tom Malmberg

The following communities are known to exist or have existed in Miller County. Some we have no information on at all or have not accumulated historical information at this time. If you can help us with the history of any of these communities, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. If possible, we would appreciate location information to include Towship, Range, & Section information or Latitude and Longitude. Also photographs of these communities would be of assistance to current and future generations. Thank you in advance.

  • Arnold Hollow
  • Barn Hollow
  • Barnes Hollow
  • Bear Hollow
  • Bowlin Hollow
  • Buck Knob
  • Colvin Hollow
  • Cooper
  • Cotton Hollow
  • Darby Hollow
  • Dill Ridge
  • Equality
  • Fox Hollow
  • Glaize
  • Happy Hollow
  • Harcy Hollow
  • Heltzell Hollow
  • Hudson Hollow
  • Jim Henry
  • John Allen Hollow
  • Kaiser
  • King Hollow
  • Lakeland
  • Lake Ozark
  • Lost Hill
  • Pemberton Ridge
  • Pickering Hollow
  • Prairie Hollow
  • Richwoods
  • Sawmill Hollow
  • Shoestring Hollow
  • Stillhouse Hollow
  • Tent Hollow
  • Thompson Ridge
  • Three Springs Hollow
  • Turn Back Ridge
  • Vaughn Hollow
  • Wilcox Bend
  • Wilson Hollow
 1904 Atlas Map of Highland Park

 1904 Atlas Map of Vernon Springs

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