Farm Names of Miller County

By Peggy Smith Hake

In 1922, for a $1 filing fee with the County Clerk's office, landowners could have their farms given official names. From a news item in the MILLER COUNTY AUTOGRAM, dated 16 February 1922, there was a listing of 24 farms in the county, which had filed for special names. There were six in the Ulman area, five in the Tuscumbia community, one in Etterville, two in Iberia, one in Bagnell, three in the Eugene area, one in St. Elizabeth, three in Eldon, and two in the Olean vicinity. The names are listed below:

  • 1. Linwood Farm Henry C. Jackson Ulman
  • 2. Pleasant Farm F. A. Goodrich Tuscumbia
  • 3. Osage Valley Farm F. A. Goodrich Tuscumbia
  • 4. Oakwood Farm Herbert L. Moles Bagnell
  • 5. Walnut Hills Farm William C. Howell Ulman
  • 6. Oak Grove Stock & Fruit Farm Peter J. Iven Eugene/Marys Home
  • 7. Equality Stock Farm Wm. H. Hauenstein Tuscumbia
  • 8. Maple Grove Farm T. & M. Henley Eugene
  • 9. Tavern Valley Stock Farm John Volmert St. Elizabeth
  • 10. Saline Dale Farm Anton M. Schwaller Eugene
  • 11. The Maples Farm Wm. S. Goodrich Eldon
  • 12. Walnut Shade Farm Charles P. Myers Ulman
  • 13. Farm No. One Henry Bear Ulman
  • 14. White Haven Farm John W. Adcock Eldon
  • 15. Blue Ribbon Stock Farm W. H. Mitchell Tuscumbia
  • 16. Sun Rise Farm L. Samuel Brown Tuscumbia
  • 17. Flatwoods Fruit Farm John N. Brockman Eldon
  • 18. Clover Dale Farm Samuel G. Crum Olean
  • 19. Green Valley Farm John U. Stone Ulman
  • 20. Brush Creek Valley
  • Stock Farm Wm. H. Crum Etterville
  • 21. Iberia Stock Farm Gordon C. Skaggs Iberia
  • 22. Evergreen Farm Perry T.Wyrick Iberia
  • 23. Spring Garden Hereford Farm J. J. Bond Olean
  • 24. Willow Brook Farm L. W. Baker Ulman

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