Genealogy Links

Note: The following links are to websites outside of the Miller County Historical Society domain where the sites could have changed or been removed without our knowledge. Please contact us if you discover a broken link. Thank you!

  • MO State Archives
  • Microfilm Records @ State Archives
  • Land Patent Records @ State Archives
  • German immigrants
  • Miller County Rootweb Archiver
  • Miller County Rootweb Discussion Board
  • Miller County Discussion Board
  • Shelton Family
  • Duncan Family
  • Mounce & McDowell Families
  • Luttrell Family
  • Cole County Bios
  • Crystal Lampl's Genealogy  includes Belshe
  • Biography of Edmund B. Bilyeu
    (Source: Genealogy Trails History Group)
  • Biography of John H. Bilyeu
    (Source: Genealogy Trails History Group)
  • The Bilyeu Family
    (Source: Marsha Hoffman Rising)
  • The Bilyeu Family Burials
    (Linn Co., Oregon)
  • Biography of Truman Burr
    (Source: Digital Library of the KSGenWeb)
  • Burrus/Burris Notes  Search for the parents of Mastin Burris of Miller County, Missouri     (Source: Marsha Hoffman Rising)
  • Lee's Ancestors and Descendants  Case, Hutsell, Crismon, Lipscomb, Sharpless, Dunkin, & others
  • Biography of H. F. Cross
    (Source: USGenWeb Missouri Archives)
  • Davis Families of Miller, Stone, and Christian Counties 
  • Biography of John Dresser
    (Source: USGenWeb Illinois Archives)
  • Duncan in Miller Co. MO
    (Source: Duncan Research Files)
  • Biography of James C. Earp
    (Source: USGenWeb Missouri Archives)
  • Biography of Joshua Farmer
    (Source: USGenWeb Missouri Archives)
  • Biography of James B. Francis 
  • Biography of H. George
    (Source: USGenWeb Missouri Archives)
  • Descendants of Joseph Harvey 
  • Known Descendents of Nathan Lawson, Sr. and Mildred Devine 
  • Descendants of Jeremiah Long 
  • Biography of J. L. McComb, M.D.
    (Source: USGenWeb Missouri Archives)
  • Biography of Camille Nixdorf Phelan 
  • Lewis Riley Papers
    (Source: State Historical Society of Missouri)
  • Descendants of John W. Scott 
  • Sellers Family Genealogy 
  • Biography of Berry G. Thurman
    (Source: USGenWeb Missouri Archives)
  • Biography of J. Wesley Breedlove
    (Source: USGenWeb Arkansas Archives)
  • Family Name Vaughn
    (Source: Private Family Website)
  • Biography of Harden M. Williams
    (Source: USGenWeb Missouri Archives)
  • Biography of O. C. Wingett
    (Source: NEGenWeb Project Resource Center)
  • Miller County Family Histories
  • Maries Co Obits & Osage Co Marriages
  • Civil War Sailors and Soldiers
  • National Archives Data Bases
  • St. Louis Genealogical Society
  • Camden County Museum
  • Osage County Genealogy Resources
  • Ozarks Genealogical Society
  • Oregon Pioneers
  • Phillips Funeral Home - Eldon??
  • Rekus Funeral Home - Eldon??

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