Letters Home #06

This letter was sent home from Vietnam by Max Pryor to his father Fred. Max was wounded and awarded a Bronze star for his heroic efforts in the battle he describes in the letter. He received three purple hearts for his total time in battle in Vietnam. Max’s unit reportedly saw more action than any other during the Vietnam War. Max was recently interview by an author who is writing a book about his unit. The “Carolyn” he mentions at the end of this letter is his wife, the former Carolyn Patterson from Tuscumbia.

26 Dec. '67

Dear Dad,

I'm now in the process to go back to my outfit. The plan(e) leaves at 12:40 p.m. from 62 Evac. And so it would be I got my mail while leaving there must be 40 lb. of the dam stuff. Well at least I got it. I see they sent you a telegraph telling you what happened. I tried to get it stoped guess they didn't pay any attention to me. In your letter you asked what we had to fight with when we got hit. Well here it is. Each platoon has three tanks 6 A.R.C. Each tank has a 90 MM gun 1 - 50 cal. and one 7.62 machine gun. Each track has 1-50 cal. and 2- 7:62 machine guns. Now the night we got hit, 1st pl. was out in the field had two tanks stuck. My platoon was back or with a headquarters pl. My platoon has a tank that was broke, so well hell, I'll just write what we had. 14 A.R.C. tracks, 2 tanks, 2-81 MM mortar, 45 machine guns and 2-90 MM guns.

We were attacked by a force of aprox. 400 V.C. So you see we knew fairly well what we were doing to get out of it like we did - 30 wounded, 2 killed. The only thing is that those dam mortars the V.C. had us covered to where you couldn't keep your head up without getting it knocked off. But on the other hand they can't come in on you while it is falling. So when it stoped we just set to shoot the hell out of them which is just what we did to.

I'm now back at Sqd. And will go to troop tomorrow some time. I've gotten 49 letters so far today and about 8 packages. I also just found

out I'm getting a bronze star for what I did the night we got hit. Now I want you to know what I did wasn't because I was some kind of a hero. I did my job and was scared silly. I'll send it to Cowley just as soon as I get it.

Now about this senitor you wrote. I fully agree with you but I doubt if it will do any good at all. Now after you get two purple hearts you are no longer required to be in a line troop after 3 you can't. I'm 1/2 there hopping I never get the second one. As you remember when I left home I told you I wouldn't try and be a hero and I've kept my word. But this night I did what I did to save my own ass. I thought they would get through the fence and kill us all.

Well I've got to write Carolyn a few lines so will quite for now write me soon.

Your Son,