Letters Home #07

By Doris Edwards Wyrick

This letter was from Rex Wyrick to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wyrick of Ulman. It was written while Rex Wyrick was attending the Naval Training School in Oxford, Ohio, in 1942 during the early stages of World War II. The following photograph is that of Rex Wyrick taken in that same time period. Contributed by Doris Edwards Wyrick.

 Rex Wyrick 1942
Rex Wyrick

Rex R. Wyrick A.S.
U.S.N.T.S. (Radio)
Oxford, Ohio
Sat Nov 14, 1942

Dear Mom and Dad,

We got off at 1:30 today & don't have to be back until 10 o'clock tomorrow night. I and a couple of my buddies are here in the U.S.O. Club at Oxford. It sure is nice up here. Very pretty place especially the Navy training school & grounds. I haven't had any classes yet. Will start in Mon. It's gonna be pretty hard I think. A lot of the guys are flunking out. But if I try my best & don't make it, my conscience will be clear anyway. So that's what I'm gonna do. And I'm gonna try awful hard for a rating of Radioman 3rd class. Then after I get out of here I will probably have the chance to get advanced training. It sure is cold here tho. It gets awful cold in the night. I went to the small stores and got me another peacoat. It cost me $14.40. They will take it out of my check. And it's sure gonna knock a hole in it but I had to have it. I've been about to freeze.

How is Grandma & Grandpa? Tell them hello for me. I wrote Inez a card yesterday. Have you heard anymore from them?

The war news sure have been looking awful good the last couple of weeks. If it keeps up this thing won't last much longer, and I'm sure ready for it too. Not that I don't like the Navy its just that I'm so far away from everyone I know. I think I will be quite ready to settle down when I get out of here. The Navy is taking all of the Gypsy blood out of me. Ha!

The officers down here are pretty nice to us. We wake up to the bugle call of RFeville & lights go out at night when taps are played. It is more military than it was at Great Lakes.

Well folks I will sign off as I want to write James a card. Write soon & don't worry about me.