Letters Home #08

Letters from Roy E. Sullivan
 Roy E. Sullivan
Roy E. Sullivan

Sept. 13, 1918
Somewhere in France

Dear Sister & Family,

Well Sister will write you a few lines how are you all I am well and feeling fine what are you all doing now I guess you all have got good crops there this year haven't you what is everybody doing there now. Well sister I got your letters the fifth of this month so you see it was some time getting here I got a letters from my girl to the same time

It right cool here today looks like it might rain what is J__te doing I guess she has growed hasn't she I sure would like to see her and all the rest well sister maybe we will all get back some day yes sister you must make me some catchup when I come home. If I ever do get married I may some day. Ha Ha

I didn't know when you can read this or not they some fellow sitting around here making so much noise but maby you can read this.

I wrote to father and mother the other day. I have got about a half dozen letters to write today oh sister I got a card from a married woman the other day. She got my address as we was going to Camp Me____tt what do you know about that. I guess Ray is still at Jeff. I havn't never heard from him since I have been over here.

I guess most all of the Boy have left there by now but they have not very many of the Boy with me that came over with me we all got separated so I don't know where the rest of them are at now.

Do they even have church there any more it has been a long time since I have been to church. Who have you all got for a preacher there now. How was your wheat this year. I guess it was good wasn't it.

This is quite a pretty country over here lots of nice scenery you sure can see lot of sights over here.

No sister I never did hear from Lois I don't know where she ever did go I wrote to her but never did hear from her well I should worry any way. She may be in __ yet for all I know.

Well sister I don't know of much more to write I want to write some more letters so I will close for this time write me a long letter and tell me all the news. Give my regards to all the rest hoping to hear from you soon. Good By sister, From your Loving Brother Roy.

Pvt. Roy E. Sullivan
Co. C. 125 US. Inf. AEF.

Oersteinbach Germany
Jan 19, 1919

Dear Father Mother-

I just received your letter today sure was glad to hear from you all. That was the first letter I had had from home for some time. I also had a letter from Ray. I suppose you have had some bad weather there haven't you? Sure is fine here now. I am on guard today that is about all we do we drill some you know that just gives a fellow good exercise. I don't know how long we will be here it may not be long until we get home. I guess they had some time there when they heard the war was over. We sure were a proud bunch. We were all lined up ready to go over the top again when the order came in not to advance. Well I did not see as much fighting as some of the boys, but believe me I certainly did see enough. I sure did have a close (call) when a piece of shrapnel passed through my overcoat collar. Yes I received Bob Reeds letter. Mother I sure do wish I was there to help eat that good butter. I received the Xmas box Jan. 7 the candy sure was fine. I sure would of liked to have been with you all at Xmas. I haven't saw Orval Ulman for some time. He is the only Miller Co. boy I have saw since I came across. I suppose there are several of the boys coming home. Well this will be all for this time. Hoping to see you all soon.

Your loving son
Corp. Roy E. Sullivan
Co. C. 125 Inft. A.E.F.

 Roy E. Sullivan
Roy E. Sullivan