Letters Home #09

George Washington Edwards, 1862

Letter from George Washington Edwards to his sister Mary Frances "Fannie" Edwards Shastid.

September 9th 1862
Camp lea Wallace

Dear Sister I now take the opportunity to inform you that I am well and doing well and I hope that theas few lines may find you enjoying the same

I am in Camp yet I am yet a prisoner yet parolled at Camp lea Wallace Ohio I hav not been home for to or thre weeks the folks wear all well then and wear sorry to see me leave home for they thought that I would not get home for some time and maby not at all I shall get home in a week or two if nothing happens at least I think so now and then I shall have a regular Jolifycation for I know that I shall meat with a warm reception from the folks at home and all the neighbors I should lik to spend a few day with you and the doctor and I shall do it as soon as an opportunity affords it and I should like to hav you to come to Ohio as soon as you can spend a few months I shall be exchanged befour long and again I manot be exchan for a long time I cannot tell at present any how I want you to write to me as soon as you get this I haven't received answers yet to the to last

I shall go south in a week in a few days and I may be discharged in a few day and I amnot there is no telling now

I should like to have you to answer this as soon as you get this it may not interest I don't know But I tried to make it as interesting as possible at present any how

George W. Edwards 95 Regt
Co A In care of
Captain Pots (?) Ohio
By the way of Columbus

George W. Edwards
Fanny Shasted

Letter from George W. Edwards to his sister Addie and his brother-in-law Thomas Shastid following the death of Mary Frances Edwards Shastid.

May 10th A D 64

Dear Sister - I Now embrace the present opportunity to inform you that I am well at the present time you cant imagine how Sad and mournfull I feel this morning the letter that you Wrote to me I recived late last Night it did not contain as much space as some others but it has in its pages more sad News than any other. it brought the Sad and Solum News that one of our number had been laid in the grave Our number was small only three of us and now only two George and Idd Oh how much I Should have enjoyed the privlade of Seeing Fannie once more befour Death separated us But Alas to late

Now Oh Ida how mournfull I feel this morning Over the Sad affair I feel as if my heart would almost break over the Sad tidings that your letter Contained Ida

I have been on A long march down in Mississippi I was gone ever Since the 29th of April I returned to Memphis last Night tired and worn out I am tired and Sad to day I want to see you Verry Bad but it is impossible to come home or come to See you at the present time you said that you Not the money to Send them you nead not mind Sending them now for I have plenty of them Now and I hope soon that I will be paid off Soon Now I do Not feel that I could Enjoy a visit Pitsfield at the present tim I suppose that you are agoing to stay with Thommas awhile kant you Ida I hope that you may have fine and Social Society around you and enjoy your self while I must Spend a few more months to spend in the army then I hope that I shall be permitted to pay you a visit then I am at Memphis Tennessee and I hope that I shall stay her this summer

May 10th A D 64

Memphis Tennessee
Dear brother Thomas

I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well and I hope that you ar the same I can not help having the warmest feeling in your behalf in the loss of your wife I feel as if I could hardly Recover my self enough from the shock to write to day my letters will be short to day for I feel bad to day.

I want you to write to me as soon as you get theas few lines if you pleas George W Edwards to his brother Thommas Shasted
Direct your letter to Memphis Tennessee
Co A 95 Regt OVI
In care of Lieutenant O D Helton (?)