Submitted by Robert A. Law, Iberia, MO

I---Hancock Mail Route
The route originated at Hancock (once called Iron Summit) in Pulaski County, Missouri, a small village built on the Frisco railroad line. The route extended to the Brays Mill post office in Miller County, a distance of about 12 miles due north. The road ran parallel for about 4 miles with the Maries County line to another county road which is today's BB Highway. It ran near the Tom Atwell farm, owned today by Larry Shadows. About 3 miles of this road north from Miller County's Route K (once called Old Crossroads) to BB Highway is officially closed. The Hancock mail route has been discontinued for over 40 years. Iberia and Crocker service the area at present time.

II--An Old Trail
Approximately a half mile west and a half mile north from the east end of Miller County, a trail ran some 4 miles northwest. It began south of the old Atwell schoolhouse and it ran northwest terminating on Miller County Route BB near the Willie Moss farm on the Iberia-Dixon road. This trail was never a public road but served several families in the community at the turn of the century. It crossed over and through at least four farms with no gates until the early 1920's. Some of the families who lived in the vicinity were: Ed Schubert, Martin Glawson, Frank Thompson, Mose Morrison, Clarence Law, Miles Bowden, and Isaac Groves.

III-Allen Lane
The Allen lane began at the Holmes Irwin home (across Highway 42 from today's VFW Hall) and extended south to the old Allen schoolhouse, now owned by Robert Hopkins and there crossed the Iberia-Dixon road about a half mile east of Iberia. It continued south to the James Earp home where it intersected with the Iberia-Crocker star mail route. This was officially a county road. It was closed by the county court in the 1940's or 50's.

IV--Another Old Trail
It originated at the Groff farm 1 mile east of Iberia now owned by Robert Groff. It ran directly east across two other Groff farms and crossed the Big Tavern creek and onward across 2 more farms terminating on a country road near a farm now owned by Clarence Conner. This trail was about two miles long with some gates. It has been closed and vacated for many years.

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