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School Name:    Schanzmeyer School              School District Number:    #014

Township:  Twn41N    Range:  Rng12W    Section:  Sec14

Latitude:  38.296100 N      Longitude:  -92.218200 W

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School Information:

Date Started:                Date Closed: 1939

School Registers:

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers for the early years of the school:

1874-75 John W. Brockman   1885-86 Carl Reishenow
1875-76 Owen Pendleton   1886-87 Mary Schanzmeier
1876-77 S. W. Agee   1887-88 Herman Morfeld
1877-78 John Brockman   1888-90 G. H. Bartman
1878-79 I. P. Adams   1890-91 H. G. Lueckenhoff
1879-80 W. O. Martin   1891-92 Francis Schell
1880-81 W. I. Meeder   1892-93 H. G. Lueckenhoff
1881-82 I. H. Burns   1893-94 John G. Westerman
1882-83 Chas. Reichman   1894-96 Joseph Dickneite
1883-84 F. N. Lubbert   1897-98 V. H. Goethe
1884-85 John R. Warren   1898-00 J. H. Dickneite

Ray Doerhoff lists the following additional teachers:

1932-34 Dorothy Groner      
1934-36 Mary Ann Lindeman      
1936-37 Dorothy Doubikin      
1937-39 Loretta Loethen      

Resident Taxpayers in 1871:
Theodore Avers, Frank Avers, Albert Burnett, George Baker, Matthias Barnhart, William Barnhart, William Calbert, Joseph Bode, L.T. Brasier, Elizabeth Brasier, L.W. Gerling, Martin Libert, W.E. Lurton, Hudson Martin, Colwell Maxwell, Dr. D.W. Leatherman, Smith Thompson, Owen Riggs, Fred Ricker, Christopher Reed, John Schimager, Alexander Scott, William West, and Charles Wahly.


The last school building in the Schanzmeyer district was located in Section 14. There are no roads to this site and Leonard Schanzmeyer said even the county superintendent had to walk in when he made his annual visit to the school. The Schanzmeyer school district was originally called the Barnhart school district according to Judge Clyde Lee Jenkins.

Schanzmeyer School was named after Joe Schanzmeyer who owned the land on which the final rural school was located. This property is still owned by the Schanzmeyer family. This district was a very large district, compared to other rural districts at the time. It covers the usual 9 square miles, plus an additional 6 square miles to the south. The district measured 6 miles from north to south and ranged from the Herman and Henry Kliethermes farms on the south to the north side of Route B near the present home of Leon Schanzmeyer.

Another problem besides district size was Little Tavern Creek, Sugar Creek and Big Tavern Creek all run through this district. In addition the Rock Island Railroad tracks, which parallel Sugar Creek, cut off the northeast corner of the district.

To solve some of these problems some families built suspension bridges across the creeks Others asked for changes in school boundaries to be able to attend a more accessible school. In April of 1918 the part of the Schanzmeyer district that lies south of Little Tavern Creek was detached from this district and attached to the Baumhoer district.

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