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School Name:    Lawson/Lizzard Kick School              School District Number:    #095

Township:  Twn40N    Range:  Rng14W    Section:  Sec18

Latitude:  38.217000 N      Longitude:  -92.512400 W

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Lawson School State of MO Certificate
Lawson School State of MO Certificate
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School Information:

Date Started:              Date Closed:

School Registers:
Board Minutes: 1930-1944
Clerk's Register: 1946-1950
Teacher's Register: 1938-1942, 1946-1950

Teachers: Judge Jenkins lists the following teachers from 1874 to 1901:

1874-75 Mattie E. Cummings   1889-90 Annie M. Yarnell
1875-76 Lois Foote   1890-91 J. P. Wright
1876-79 Martha E. Cummings   1891-92 Mattie William
1879-80 Mattie E. Cummings   1894-95 Vesta Carty
1880-82 Maria S. Bacon   Old District #2 Transferred by order
1882-83 U. S. G. Todd   of County Court to #6 and #1
1883-84 Samantha Stephens   4 February 1897
1884-85 Isaac McCollern   1896-97 Charles Burks
1885-86 J. W. Renfrow   1897-98 P. C. Burks
1886-87 Arthur Foote   1898-99 Carrie Thompson
1887-88 Rosetta Burris   1899-00 A. H. Small
1888-89 Alice M. Thomas   1900-01 no school

Later teachers included:

1930-32 Mrs. Anna Helstab   1942-43 R. L. Livingston
1935-36 Irene Fitzgerald   1943 Mrs. Geo. Helstab
1936-37 Marion Agee   1944-46 Mildred Chalmers
1938-39 R. L. Livingston      
1940-41 Roy E. Mathews      


Resident Taxpayers in 1871:
Erastus Ames, B.W.Burris, M.H. Burris Jr., F.G. Burris, Ambrose Brockman, Jas. R. Beard, J.B. Challas, M.R. Challas, Thomas Cox, H.T. Cox, N.C. Keyes, A.C. Keyes,W.S. Martin, M.M. Palmer, Thomas Scott, and J.J. Williams.

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