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Surnames Beginning With 'O'


John Otto was born in 1856 in Osage Co., MO, a son of Anton Otto and Anna Catherine Hagenhoff. His parents married in Westphalia (Osage Co.), MO in 1851, both natives of Prussia/Germany. Anton (1830-1894) was a son of Herman Otto. Anna Catherine Hagenhoff (sometimes spelled Hogenhof) was born in 1827. Anton is buried at Visitation Cemetery in Vienna (Maries Co.) MO but I could find no record of Catherine/Kate's burial there.

Anton came to America at the age of 10 years, c/1840, with his parents and they settled in Westphalia, MO Anton was a farmer for many years in Osage Co. but about 1870, he moved to the Vienna area where he remained the rest of his life.

  • Anton and Catherine/Kate were parents of six children:
  • 1. Henry Otto b. 1854 m. Mary Buschman 1877
  • 2. John Otto b. 1856 m. Margaret Buschman 1881
  • 3. Catherine Otto b. 1858 m. Conrad Avers/Evers 1875 (they later lived near St. Anthony, Miller Co., MO)
  • 4. Anna Otto b. 1861 m. Henry Wieberg
  • 5. Joseph Otto b. 1865 m. (died before 1889)
  • 6. Mary Otto b. 1868 m. Henry Schwartz
  • During the census of 1880, Anton and Kate Otto were living in Maries Co., MO in Boone Township near the families of Copeland, Reinkemeyer, Wiles, Owens, Lubbert, Woody, Breeden, Grant, and Doyle.

    John Otto, the 2nd child of Anton & Kate, moved to Vienna in 1877 at the age of 21 years and became a salesman for R. L. Schenker who had a store in Vienna during those years. In 1880, John was living in the Schenker home and was listed as a 'store clerk' when the census was taken. On 22 February 1881, John married Margaret/Maggie Buschman in Vienna. Maggie was born in Osage County, MO in 1852, a daughter of Joseph Buschman (1815-1884) and his wife (name not known at this time).

    In 1889, per "Goodspeeds History of Cole, Benton, Miller, Maries, Osage, & Other Counties", John Otto had established his own general merchandise store in Vienna and carried a good line of products for residents of the area. In 1907, he was still a successful businessman in Vienna but I do not know how many years his store was in existence. In 1884, John Otto was one of several men in Vienna who attempted to get the town incorporated. They were successful and he was one of the first trustees of Vienna after incorporation.

    I do not know how many children John and Maggie had over the years, but I know of at least three who were named in the 1889 book.....Katherine/Kate Otto b. c/1882; William A. Otto 1884-1938; and Henry J. Otto 1888-

    Maggie Buschman Otto died in 1932 and was buried at Visitation Cemetery in Vienna. John, her husband of 51 years, lived until 1941. He died at the age of 85 years and was buried beside Maggie at Visitation Cemetery.



    John Otto (1860-1911) was born in Osage Co., MO and was a son of Stephen Otto (1837-1883) and his wife, Catherine Brunnert (1835-1918). I do not know for sure when John Otto moved into Miller Co. since he does not appear on the 1880 census. John married Anna Angela Schulte in Miller Co. on April 14, 1883. Their marriage was performed by Father Cosmos Seeberger, Catholic priest at St. Elizabeth. Anna was born in 1862 in Osage Co., MO.

    Stephen Otto, father of John, was born 20 Mar 1837 in Westphalia, Prussia and came to America about 1839 with his parents. He was only 2 years old so probably did not remember his European homeland. The Otto family lived in Osage Co.; later in St. Thomas (Cole County); and then moved to Miller Co. in later years.

    I believe John Otto had a brother who also lived in Miller Co. His name was Frank Otto, born in October 1872. He married Anna Westerman in Miller Count 7 August 1894, the marriage performed by Charles J. Putz, Catholic priest. Frank and Annie were living in Osage Township near John Otto and his family during the 1900 census.

    Between 1896 and 1898, death had claimed two young daughters of Frank and Anna--Martha (1896-1897) and Mary (1898-1898). Both are buried at St. Lawrence Cemetery in St. Elizabeth.

  • John Otto and his wife, Anna Angela (Schulte) were parents of nine children:
  • 1. Stephen Otto b. 1883 m. Anna Boeckman
  • 2. Joseph Otto 1884-1932 m. 1- Adelheid Streumph 1908
  • 2. Anna Rehagen 1913
  • 3. Mary Otto b. 1886 m. John Scheppers 1908
  • 4. Hironimus Otto b. 1888 m. Anna Margaret Scheppers
  • 5. Dominicus Otto b. 1890 m. Anna Lindenbusch 1912
  • 6. Michael Henry Otto 1891-1956 m. Martha Mary Rehagen 1914
  • 7. Lucy Otto b. 1894 m. Wm. 'Bill' Buechter 1913
  • 8. Veronica Otto b. 1900 m. Henry Buechter 1917
  • 9. Cecelia Otto b. 1906 m. Adolph Dickneite
  • During the census of 1900, the John Otto family was living in Osage Township near the Big Tavern Creek. Their neighbors included the families of Albertson, Airhart, Gerby, Clark, Snelling, Doubikin, and Humphrey.

    The Otto farm was divided among four sons of John and Annie: Stephen/Steve, Joseph/Joe, Michael/Mike, and Hironimus. The other son, Dominicus/Doc was given the family's general store in St. Anthony. The old Otto place is still being farmed by an Otto family who is the 4th generation, Alfonse Otto, a great grandson of John and Annie (Schulte) Otto.


    Mary Catherine Otto was born December 6, 1858 at Westphalia, Osage County, MO. She was a daughter of Anton Joseph Otto and Anna Catherine Hagenhoff who were married at St. Joseph's Church in Westphalia on November 9, 1852. Anton Joseph Otto was born 20 Feb 1830 at Sudenhagen, Westphalen, Germany and died 26 Jul 1894 in Maries County, MO. He was buried in Visitation Cemetery at Vienna. Katherine 'Kate' Hagenhoff-Otto was born in 1827 at Westenholz, Westphalen, Germany and died 24 Jan 1890 at Koeltztown , Osage County, MO and was buried at Koeltztown in St. Boniface Cemetery.

    Mary Catherine Otto married Conrad Gerhard Evers on Februry 7, 1876 at Koelztown. Conrad was born on February 25, 1855 at Westerloh, Padenborn Diocese, Westphalen, Germany. He came to America with his parents when he was 2 years old.

    Mary Catherine and Conrad reared their children in Jim Henry Township and in the census of 1900, they lived near the families of Holtmeyer, Lepper, Kempker, Sanning, Wieberg, and Martin.

  • They were parents of several children including:
  • 1. Anton Evers b. Aug 1877 m. Gertrude Volmert 1904
  • 2. Mary Catherine Evers b. Jul 1879 m. Conrad Verhoff
  • 3. George C. Evers b. Feb 1887 m. Mary A. Volmert 1916
  • 4. Anna K. Evers b. May 1889 m. William Verhoff
  • 5. Conrad Evers b. Sep 1891 m.______________
  • 6. Henry J. Evers b. Feb 1894 m. Helen Kloppel
  • 7. John Evers b. Sep 1899 d. 1902
  • 8. Clara Evers b._____ m. Barthol Steinman
  • 9. Catherine Evers b._____ m. William Boeckman
  • 10. Augusta b. 1904 m. Phillip Bax
  • Conrad Gerhard Evers died March 23, 1922 and was buried at St. Lawrence Cemetery at St. Elizabeth. Mary Catherine 'Katie' lived for 32 years as Conrad's widow. She died in February 1954 at the home of her daughter and husband, Augusta and Phillip Bax, who lived in the St. Anthony area. Her services were held at the St. Anthony Catholic Church with the Rev. J. Hans officiating. She was not buried beside her husband at St. Lawrence Cemetery in St. Elizabeth but was buried in St. Anthony Cemetery under the direction of Hedges Funeral Home of Iberia. She was survived by many, many descendants including 3 sons (Anton, George and Henry); 4 daughters (Mary Verhoff, Anna Verhoff, Clara Steinman, and Augusta Bax); 56 grandchildren, 102 great grandchildren, and 4 great-great grandchildren.

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